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It's within our capacity, capability & experience that we help create real businesses and innovative products. With us, consider the technical part solved for your startup allowing you to focus on getting your idea to market.

Consider Cirrena as your technical co-founder.

Cirrena can provide a full suite of services to take you from the idea stage, prototyping, testing & validation, coding and development right through to launch, marketing and product growth.

We help bring your idea to life by building best-of-class application for both enterprise and startups.

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Our Approach Idea. Prototype. Develop. Launch.


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Our Process
1. The Idea

The process of discovering and defining your requirements for your idea. This is where put the pro's and con's of your idea and try to develop a strategy of how to bring your amazing idea to life.

2. A Prototype

Graphically represent your idea in a proto-type and interactive walk through. This phase may also include branding, pitch and funding assistance. Validate your idea using your prototype. Get real world feedback to help determine if your idea has potential.

3. Development

Build your product using our elite team. We guide you through the process and get your ready for launch.

4. Launch & Growth

We help you launch your product, assist with the marketing and manage with your companies foundation. As it grows things will change and processes will adjust. We will adjust and scale with you as needed.

Why choose Cirrena? We Listen. We Code. We Launch.

We helped the founders of Canva with their very first startup.

We can help you too.

Cirrena used its expertise to build Fusion Books, the first startup from the founders of Canva.
This technology, mentoring and support formed a foundation that allowed them to grow a successful business that helped them in their next startup which is now valued at over $400M+.

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